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Non-woven, colouring apron for children with 5 markers.
Non-woven, colouring drawstring bag for children with 5 markers.
Drawing set with 10 pcs of colour pencils, 1 pc sharpener, 1 pc ruler and colouring book.
Non-woven, colouring bag for children with 5 crayons.
Paper colouring puzzle with 4 crayons.
Paper colouring book with 48 sheets, including 48 Mandala designs and 48 colouring designs.
Mandala colouring set with 12 coloured pencils and 12 sheets of mandala design.
Custom made colouring booklet with 24 thematic colouring pages. Price includes full-colour printed outside cover. MOQ: 100 pcs.
Colouring memory game in cotton carry pouch. Includes thematic paperboard memory game (24 tiles) and wooden coloured pencils (12 pcs) in paper box.