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Minimalist design, maximum practicality. Senso is born, linear, designed to ensure a durable support for your writing and a safe place for your pen, thanks to the housing obtained in the wire-o according to a patented Dinatalestyle formula.

The Senso system allows you to easily place any pen, regardless of the format of the block it accompanies, and to extract and store it without difficulty at every stage of writing, even when the block is open, thanks to the elastic pen holder placed between the ends of the wire-o and the flexibility of the materials used for the covers.

A simple but effective system, which together with the extremely captivating design and quality of the construction materials, make Senso an ideal product for meetings, office supplies, but also corporate gifts.

The entire range of materials available to us – regenerated leather, polypropylene, eco cardboard – is renewed and acquires greater functionality thanks to the Senso system.

The practicality of in 4 simple gestures:
➀ Insert any pen into the elastic
➁ Easily open the lock 360 °, no need to remove the pen
➂ Extract and store the pen at every stage of writing, even when the pad is open
➃ Close the block without difficulty

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