Collezione Retime

To regenerate is to infuse new blood into an otherwise exhausted body. Renew, restoring the original characteristics. Ergo: renew while conserving.

This is the concept that has always guided our choice of materials, in perfect line with a company philosophy aimed at the constant synthesis of innovation and tradition.

A concept that finds full expression in the Retime range, where the absolute protagonist is regenerated leather, a raw material of great value for a multifaceted and colorful collection that includes diaries, blocks and office accessories.

The velvety sensation to the touch, the intense and unmistakable scent, the warm and bright colors, are the result of a regeneration capable of translating leather scraps into a new material, which nevertheless retains its best characteristics.

The versatility of leather, so flexible and soft, also makes it suitable for an incredible variety of processes, from spiral lines to sewn covers, and allows for ever more daring experiments, almost without opposing limits to creativity.

With a natural composition, an evident ecological motivation and a marked malleability, regenerated leather is the ideal tool for a high-impact promotion with multiple visual, olfactory and tactile suggestions.

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