Collection Green Mood

Collection Green Mood

Much more than a collection, Green Mood identifies an approach to environmental issues, a receptive and always active sensitivity in the search for eco-compatible processes and materials that meet the needs of the environment even more than those of taste.

A captivating line, made entirely from FSC-certified paper and through the innovative use for the covers of paper resulting from the recycling of by-products of agro-industrial processing.

Waste that would normally be used in animal husbandry, as fuel for energy production, or otherwise disposed of in landfills, finds a new and nobler use, becoming raw material for the production of paper that replaces up to 15% of virgin cellulose derived from trees and produced with 100% green energy.

Let yourself be seduced by the warm colours of coffee, almonds and hazelnuts, and the tactile appeal of paper made from olives, kiwis, citrus fruits and maize, for a product that is unique in appearance and high ecological value.

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